Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Golden Pints; Innit

My twopence worth....

I am going to retain some credibility and not include any Black Isle beers, otherwise Black Stout would win everything....

Best UK draught (Cask or Keg) beer:
Winner: Durham White Stout
Runner Up: BrewDog Mr Squirrel

Best UK bottle or canned beer
Winner: The Kernel Double Black
Runner Up: Thornbridge Raven

Best Overseas bottle or canned beer
Winner: A Vintage Cantillon, around 30 yrs old and covered in bird shit
Runner Up:  Struisse Black Damnation Mocha Bomb

Best Overseas Draught beer
Winner: The Black Rooster Imperial Stout aged in oak and Islay
Runner Up: St Eriks whisky aged Porter

Best Overall beer
Winner: BrewDog 5am Saint (awesome in any format)
Runner Up: Thornbridge Raven (again.....)

Best Pump Clip or label
Winner: Magic Rock/Dark Star - Rock Star
Runner Up: Summer Wine Brewery Cohort

Best UK brewery
Winner: The Kernel
Runner Up: Summer Wine Brewery

Best Overseas Brewery
Winner: De Struisse
Runner Up: Cantillon

Pub/Bar of the Year
Winner: BrewDog (pick one)
Runner Up: Caley Sample Rooms (Edinburgh)

Beer Festival of the Year
Winner: Stockholm
Runner Up: Stockbridge Taps festival in Sept. Awesome selection

Supermarket of the Year
This is an oxymoron

Independent retailer of the year
Winner: Vino Wines
Runner Up: Cornelius Beer and Wine

Online retialer of the year
Winner: BrewDog......just kidding. My Brewery Tap
Runner Up: Dunno, don't buy beer from anyone else

Best Website
Winner: BrewDog
Runner Up: Anchors new one is nice

Best beer twitterer
Winner: Simon Johnson
Runner Up: Zak Avery

In 2012 I'd most like to
Knob Kelly Rowland, but as that's highly unlikely, how about brew a decent beer with Bruce and manage not to die in the half Iron Man

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